Services Available

Through each of our services, we aim to promote a life-long love of learning and hold high aspirations for every child to achieve their educational personal best. These aims will be underpinned by encouraging our learners to become self-reliant and take responsibility for their own learning.

Maximum class size of 10

Each 60 minute session is £25

Each pupil will have a free assessment to allow the Expanding Education team to tailor a package that is bespoke to the individual child.

Revision strategies to improve both coursework & exam results:

Developing future aspirations

Personalised Revision tools

Researching Skills

Developing Metacognition

Nurturing Resilience

Effective Organisational Techniques:

Time Management

Target/ Goal Setting


Healthy living

Educational strategies to support learners with:



Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Confidence

Lower Concentration Levels

Lack of Educational Support

Additional Services:

Year 11 Exam Revision service – This bespoke service will focus on:

· Exam regulations

· Preparing your child with a tailored revision timetable.

· Detecting what your child has learnt successfully and identifying knowledge gaps.

· Helping your child to find a way of recalling and storing important subject knowledge for exam application.

· Develop your child’s understanding of exam expectations regarding the demands of the questions and command words.

Let’s work together.